A Democratic Party Whose Leadership Represents Its People

East Hartford Democrats draw upon the diverse backgrounds and talents of our citizens to pick the best candidates and leaders. Additionally, we strive to exemplify excellence in leadership by encouraging every citizen of our community to participate in various activities. In addition, each member of our group advocates and believes in equality for all people. 

Participation Equals Effective Leadership

The more people that participate in our Party, elections and process the better job government can do in representing the interests of those it serves.  Raise your hand and join with us.  We need you!

Get Involved

The East Hartford Democrats are always seeking new members.  Our Town Committee is organized by voting district.  You get started by joining the District Committee and then the move up to the Town Committee.   If you wish to take part in a wide range of activities focused on making our community a better place for every citizen, find out when the next meeting will be held in your voting district.  You can send us an email below to learn how to get started.

Support Your Local Party

If you are in a position to make a financial contribution, 100% of our funds go toward electing local people and engaging more citizens to become involved.  We need your support.  Even $5 means a lot.  Click on Donate Now below.  You can use your credit our debit card.